What is the punishment for carrying drugs (Weed or Marijuana) in India?

What is the punishment for carrying drugs (Weed or Marijuana) in India?

Cannabis is often popular in numerous form over thousands of years among peoples of India it is especially known with names Bhang (obtain from seeds of cannabis), charas (resin) and Ganja (Cannabis flower).

The most common used of weed or Marijuana in India is during the time of festive occasion like Shivratri or Holi in form of bhang (Thandai) laced with cannabis seeds and leaves. The primary question still rises up is Marijuana or weed is legal in India.


Read here what law says about Weed or Marijuana?

Tragically, the narcotic pandemic is a long way from reaching a conclusion in the US. Therefore, numerous people are searching out options to narcotics to treat persistent agony conditions. Narcotics are exceptionally habit-forming, regardless of whether they’re taken precisely as a specialist has requested. All things considered, these prescriptions are likewise exceptionally strong, making them the final retreat for a few persistent aggravation victims. To diminish torment in the body, narcotics straightforwardly focus on a person’s sensory system.

However, an amazing finding, therapeutic weed contends with narcotics for torment the board and can really be a practical option for those encountering outrageous types of persistent agony. As indicated by a 2017 article that was distributed in Pot and Cannabinoid Exploration, there’s solid proof to recommend that clinical pot might be a powerful option in contrast to normal narcotic prescriptions without the worries of genuine enslavement.

This article was very including, studying roughly 3,000 clients of clinical weed as well as weed store in DC. As per the consequences of this review, around about a third of these respondents had additionally utilized narcotics previously a half year. Of the individuals who professed to have likewise utilized narcotics, around 81% of respondents either concurred or emphatically concurred that marijuana was a more compelling treatment all alone, contrasted with when it is utilized close by narcotics.


What is the punishment if you caught red handed with weed or Marijuana in India?

If a person is caught with weed or Marijuana then they are subjected to prosecution. In India carrying drugs in any form is illegal and will be a serious offence under NDPS act. As per section 20 of Narcotic Drugs act any form of commercial activity relevant to Marijuana weed sale, purchase or transportation is punishable.

The numerous laws have been yet to be formed dealing with consumption and possession of weed below the age of 18 years or juvenile are as listed:

  • State drug laws
  • Narcotic Drugs act 1985
  • The Juvenile Justice act, 2000


Legalizing drugs have been a strong argument in India. Being a responsible citizen if you find someone dealing with weed or Marijuana you may directly inform drug activities to nearest police station to police authorities so that they take further action. An compliant should also be get filed with the state customs with help of best lawyer.

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